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All nozzle bands come with 10" of  either standard or wire braided leads.

About Us
PE Products, also known as Process Engineering Products Company, Inc., has been in business since 1979, serving as manufacturers' representatives and stocking distributors for many of our industry's leading products. And even though those products are pretty sophisticated, our approach all along has been pretty simple: everything begins with the customer.
Customer Service: The Process Starts With You
"The customer always comes first" may not sound particularly original, but it's the explanation for our nearly three decades of success. It's why we've become one of the largest stocking distributors for Eurotherm Controls. It's why people rely on us for a wide range of other manufacturers' control equipment. And it's why we have a reputation for excellence throughout the mid-Atlantic states, with customers from Delaware to South Carolina.Here at PE Products, we know that every customer is different. And in order to meet your unique needs, we have to understand what those needs are. That's why every job demands personal attention. That's why the process starts with you.
The People Behind the Products
PE Products is more than just a warehouse full of parts - because our customers are looking for more than just transducers or thermistors or melt pressure gauges. They're looking for support and service. They're looking for expertise. They're looking for someone they can rely on. The staff at PE Products combines years of industry experience with energy, enthusiasm, and a real interest in meeting each customer's needs. We know the importance of prompt service. And we know the importance of a friendly voice. But most of all, we know our product line - and we stand behind it.We're part of a high-tech industry. So maybe it's not surprising that our staff appreciates the value of advanced communication methods. For instance, our sales people are always on the go, but they're always connected, thanks to laptops and cell phones and all the rest of the tools of the information age. Your sales rep can take an order by e-mail, download the latest technical specs for you, and fax you a quote - fast. Whatever technology is out there, we're committed to putting it to work. To serve you better.
More than the Sum of Our Parts: Other Services
The products we sell are just part of our service. We offer a whole range of resources, all of which can be customized for your needs, and all of which we stand behind as firmly as we stand behind our products.
Office Address

Office Address

621 Moorefield Park Drive, Suite G
North Chesterfield, VA 23236
(804) 560-0655
Fax (804) 560-3296
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We offer shipping throughout the United States, Puerto Rico,

We offer shipping throughout the United States, Puerto Rico,

We offer shipping throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.

Orders shipping to Puerto Rico, Mexico or Canada CANNOT be placed online.
Also Saturday delivery CANNOT be placed online.

Request a quotation or call our office at 804-560-5655.
We offer shipping throughout the United States, Puerto Rico & Canada.
  Orders shipping to Puerto Rico, Canada & Mexico cannot be placed on line. 
Please call our office at (804)560-5655, or click here
 to send us a request for quotation. Thank you.
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