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All nozzle bands come with 10" of  either standard or wire braided leads.

Our nozzle band heaters provide excellent dielectric strength, while permitting rapid and efficient heat migration through the sheath of the heater and into the object requiring heat. The use of mica allows the mass of the heater to be kept to a minimum, thus reducing weight, accelerating heat transfer, and keeping costs to a minimum. Nozzle band heaters are mica bands encased in various metals according to application needs. High-quality resistor ribbon or wire is precisely wound over mica cores and either terminated to stainless steel terminal posts designed to allow slippage rather than be twisted off, or connected to nickel alloy wires. We also offer smooth repetitive oscillation at cost effective heating. Popular applications of mica insulated band heaters include: extruders, injection molding, blow molding, autoclaves, pipe-heating, and laboratory tests.

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We offer shipping throughout the United States, Puerto Rico,

We offer shipping throughout the United States, Puerto Rico,

We offer shipping throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.

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We offer shipping throughout the United States, Puerto Rico & Canada.
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